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Why Online Dating Just Won’t Cut It Anymore

November 7, 2012 0 Comments

Desperation and the fear of being alone for the rest of one’s life has pushed a lot of individuals to find drastic solutions. If one cannot find love the “normal way” (meeting people through actual face to face social interaction), they resort to things like speed dating, blind dating, and today’s trend, online dating. 

Love is Now Online

Technology has found its way into the hearts of people and everyone today is going for the convenient way of doing things. From shopping to booking travel arrangements, to bank transactions — everything is now easily accessible on the World Wide Web. But that’s not all, the internet has also made the world a smaller place in the sense that it’s easier to get in touch with people around the globe.

Love is definitely going online just like everything else, and the evidence are the tons of online dating sites and social networks that thrive on the internet. Yes, love is definitely online and thanks to the internet, people seeking for love can conveniently meet other people who are also looking for love.

Can One Find Love Online?

The logic is very simple if you think about it – a person finds someone online, goes on an “online relationship” with that person, and then they would probably end up happily ever after. Well, there are some people who have found the “one” online — they meet online, get to know each other through emails, instant messaging, and video calls, then they eventually meet up and turn the online dating relationship into a real one. However, not every online relationship ends up with a happily ever after.

Online Dating is Complicated

Many indeed have found true love online, but what is the ratio of the success to failure rate? For sure it will tip the scale to the side of the failure rather than the side of success. When you date someone online it is a whole new ball game. Truth be told, it is actually not as simple as most people think. Here are three of the many reasons why:

1. Not Everyone Has Good Intentions

It will be a dream come true if indeed everyone who join dating communities online have good intentions and really are in search of a real relationship. Let us face the fact that not everyone online in general even use the internet for good intentions. Thus, if you are not careful enough, you might fall into the “wrong hands” and put yourself in harm’s way. Moreover, there are also some dating sites that would just rob you of a membership fee because they are illegitimate.

2. Sincerity and Honesty is a Huge Question

Even just in typical social networks, only about 50% of the people there are honest. Not everyone puts up their real photos online, or their real names and other personal information. Plus, you don’t really have a way to verify someone’s identity especially if they live at least a thousand miles away from you.

3. The Risk of Getting Hurt

This is hurt in general — emotionally hurt and even financially hurt in some cases. You can never be to sure of the other person, so maybe to you it’s real, maybe to the other person it’s not. Also, there are indeed some cases that people who date online take advantage of someone else’s kindness or trust to the point that they even make money off the other person.

Is There a Way to Safely Meet Someone Online?

Because of the tons of risks involved in online dating, a number of today’s legitimate dating websites have introduced a safer and a more innovative way to meet new people online — the dating tour. Dating tours are not anything like online dating because you really get to meet the other person face to face.

A dating tour means you will go on a romantic date with someone while you’re on a tour. So signing up for these services actually mean going on a vacation and meeting new people during that vacation. They’re supervised by the dating tour operators so you can really be sure of your safety. It is also no strings attached because everything goes through the dating tour operator.

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