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The Top 5 Wedding Destinations in the Philippines

December 30, 2012 0 Comments

The Philippines is a great wedding destination. This is because it has a lot of options available that would fit whatever wedding theme you have in mind. Not only is applying for a marriage license easy the budget can also be minimized. One can actually have a luxurious wedding in the Philippines for a fraction of the price somewhere else. Here are the top 5 wedding destinations in the Philippines.

Boracay – this is one of the best beach wedding destinations in the world. The island of Boracay is world famous for its white sand beaches and wonderful culture. It is a fully developed tourist island that easily caters to thousands of international visitors every year. It is a premier beach wedding destination due to the many hotels and resorts in the island that includes weddings as part of their services. If you want a beach side wedding and say your vows right at the moment that the sun sets, then Boracay is the place to be. Organizing a wedding in this island is quite easy with the many professional wedding planners that are based in the island. Whether you need catering, clothing, photography or other equally important wedding things, all of these can be found in Boracay.

Manila – the great thing about weddings in the capital city of Philippines is the wealth of wedding suppliers that are available. Weddings are a very big industry in Manila. Whatever theme wedding you have in mind, you can find the right suppliers right in the city. Whether you are looking for intimate weddings or large luxurious ones, you can find it right in Manila.

Cebu – if you really do not like the hustle and bustle of the metropolis but want to have readily available options that only a city can provide, then Cebu is the best wedding destination. Cebu is a perfect balance between the liveliness of the Metropolis and the exotic beauty of the beach. There are many nearby luxury resorts in Cebu and like Manila, it is home to many historic and beautiful churches.

Ilocos Norte – the northern part of the Philippines is very rich in history. This makes it an ideal destination for those who want a classical themed wedding. It has many historic churches as well as old houses that are perfect for garden themed weddings. If you love historical places and idyllic towns, then this is the top wedding destination for you.

Palawan – for those who do not like to go to popular tourists spots and mingle with thousands of other tourists, then Palawan is the ideal wedding destination for you. It has many exclusive resorts that are perfect for intimate beach weddings with only a small party. If privacy is big for you, then Palawan is the top wedding destination.

These are the top five wedding destinations in the Philippines. Any of these places will surely not disappoint. Your dream wedding is definitely in the bag if you have it in the Philippines.

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