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The Different Types of Filipinas

December 24, 2012 0 Comments

Ok, first of all no one wants to discriminate. There is no way that what is written here is meant to be offensive. This is simply a naughty and nice list based on general observation and behavior one sees in public. One of course hopes not to offend anyone, as whatever is written here is not meant to be judgmental  Think of it as a guide that could help anyone make their pick.

Second, like all things in life, one has always been taught to be impartial. However, it’s always a sad sad thing when someone hopes to find true love but instead finds his heart broken.

Third.. and last. no matter how bad the descriptions get. Nothing beats the beauty and love of a Filipina. If one could ever be lucky enough to make one truly love them, It’s a guaranteed happily ever after! So.. Without further ado.. And in discovery channel style.. here is a list of the different types of Filipinas that one could meet:

Shy, provincial lass – This is the sleeping tiger of the all Filipina folk… (But they pack a mean bite) Very shy and timid and might run away at a moment’s notice. Overall look can be a little drab but some of the most beautiful of all womendom come from this specie. Another trait one can be guaranteed of is that this specie is fiercely loyal to their families. (particularly those who have just recently left the nest) They come in all sizes but one major trait is that all are very intelligent but not street smart. Treat them with a lot of care and caution as their hearts can easily break.
The conservative – Now we take a look at one of the rarest and rapidly declining specie in all womendom. A true conservative isn’t one to just look like one but acts like one. She doesn’t do this because she needs to, she does so because this is who she is. This specie of the Filipina folk is one who still believes in true love. To be able to capture one means a lot of patience. They are fiercely loyal to their clan and will not be afraid to defend them when provoked. Handle with a lot of care and patience. This one is for keeps.
The Liberal – Now we have to be very careful as more likely this one has seen a lot of battles. (the emotional kind) Filipina folk has no true liberal. Think of them as sheep in wolves clothing. They have been attacked by the wolves too much! and tired of running and fighting they decided that if one can’t beat them, join them. Their hearts are completely soft but surrounded with bunker grade nuclear shelter cement. They will hurt, and hurt one really bad. They might jump from one mate to the next. This of course to protect their fragile hearts from being hurt. They figure that they should strike first. Easy to capture but hard (really hard) to hold on to. One needs a lot of patience and a lot of persistence. But more than worth it in the end.
The Hybrid – These species are a result of evolution. And yes, one dares to say the most common of the specie. Completely unpredictable and can be anyone. Can also be a combination of 2 or more or all of the the species traits. They also may be completely westernized. And some can be completely heartless. These are the members of the Filipina folk that may have suffered a great deal of pain and has completely assimilated their wolves alter ego. they never turn back and will never will. They only want their husbands, partner, boyfriend to make their existence better offering nothing in return. And best way to know this is to observe how they treat other people. If they’re treating their partners right yet to the rest of the world they are mean, cruel, selfish and vain. Stop right there buddy. Now run.. away!! As fast as one can! If they argue always about trust (especially when one asks about money matters). They’re guilty… Run man!

Overall the Filipina culture was based on a fictional character called Maria Clara (don’t know it google it!). It is a culture based on the very conservative Spanish culture that arrived in the Philippines during their occupation. The Filipino culture is very matriarchal for most. Outside the father rules (or so he says)! but in the presence of the wife. Well.. If there ever was one person in the world that one should bet on against Manny Pacquiao. Bet on Jinky (the wife). She’ll win without lifting a finger.

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