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The 7 Big DONT’s When Courting a Filipina

December 23, 2012 0 Comments

First of all, men and women are completely different from each other. Anyone could have a never ending list of the differences. Heck people could even have a list of a lists of differences. You could be American and you’d still somehow have a hard time trying to figure out American women. Now what if you fell in love with a Filipina? (assuming you’re not a Filipino of course).

So you want to date a Filipina? Before getting into what you should do, here’s a list of seven things that YOU SHOULD NOT DO:

  1. Do not be the boss – The Philippines is a very matriarchal society. If you’re used to being the man of the house, turn around quickly! The Filipina is not for you! They have a saying in the Philippines about their mothers. They call them “ilaw ng tahanan” translated roughly to “the light of the home”. They are the pillars of the Filipino family and they were brought up that way. But don’t think that this means you let them take charge. Nope! They still want a man and not someone who doesn’t know what to do
  2. Don’t expect her to talk – Trust Pinoys when they say this — Filipinas are really talkative. But this is when they are comfortable with you. During courtship though they will not be explicit about the things they want. They will be very implicit. Learn to read those unspoken words and carry the conversation in the beginning. You will know she’s into you when she starts to open up to you.
  3. Do not expect her to be on time – A lady always takes their time. This is true with almost 90% of the filipinas. They do this for you. But this doesn’t mean that you should be late. Which brings us to the next point.
  4. Don’t be late – You know she never arrives on time. It may not mean she’s not there already. A lady never acts as though she is too excited about seeing you even when she is. And a man who is late would show that he doesn’t care.
  5. Don’t expect her to say yes and mean it – As mentioned before,  a Filipina is never explicit. Particularly when it comes to this word.
  6. Never ever say anything bad about the family – Filipino culture is different. They are very family oriented. They will defend them with our lives even if they are wrong.
  7. Never ask, Just do it – A Filipina will never say yes when you have to announce what you’re going to do. Let’s say she says within earshot that she’s hungry. Don’t ask if she wants you to bring her food. She’s likely to say no. Filipinas are very proud and will act like she doesn’t need you. She prefers it that you are sensitive to her needs at all times.

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