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About Our Philippine Women Introduction Dating Tours

We have been introducing men to Philippine women {Filipinas} for many years now and we really put a lot of work and effort into it so you have a even better experience than you imagined. Most {but not all} of the services like ours give you pretty much what they say, but we feel we do it better from what we have been told. We are not just driven by profit because this will not be to your advantage or to ours in the long run either. Yes, of course we want to make money also and we must if we are to stay in business all these years. We really want to help you in your goal and we will if you allow us to and most importantly, cooperate. We carefully plan each clients tour and schedule. This should be a very serious undertaking for you as it is for us. We guarantee, this will be a trip like no other you have ever taken and you will be ecstatic when you start dating our Filipina women members whom will be so unlike the women you have met back home with out comparison. It may be hard for you to believe or imagine, but what an experience you will be in for. We also feel our price of $1,490.00 is very reasonable considering what we give in your dating tour introduction package meeting many beautiful Filipino women.

We give all our members very personalized and customized service, unlike some other operators and that means success for you!

There are also other services that charge a lot more and give considerably less. So, check carefully before you commit yourself. Some introduction dating services do not include the hotel accommodation for example. The hotel we use is clean, modern, safe and well run with security, cable TV, hot water, phone, fridge, flat screen TV and free breakfast every day. We can also upgrade you to another hotel if you desire. We have a highly personable and professional staff whom are always on call for you with any assistance you may need. You will also not be hit up for extra money when you arrive as you get what we say you do for what you paid. We do not introduce you to desperate Filipino women who will be willing to meet any foreigner so she may improve her fortunes regardless of what you may think. The vast majority of our Filipina women members have had at least some college or university and many are college grads. They come from good families and are not destitute. You will not be introduced to Filipino women who can not speak English or communicate well. Also, about 98% of our clients are single men whom have searched on line services with disappointing results. Just use some common sense, what is the best way for people to get to know each other and how is it usually done? It is done in person, is it not?

We really do try our very best to make sure all those coming on our tour find what they are looking for. However, we need your cooperation in this endeavor. Sometimes, but not very often we have clients that are never satisfied no matter what we try to do for them. One must be realistic in their pursuit and cooperate and most important, have a good attitude.. There is a different culture in the Philippines as it is their country we are in and we must make the necessary adjustment to their culture. The Filipina women you will meet by nature are shy so do not expect a very outgoing individual at first. They want to get to know you and are very shy during your first meeting. They certainly open up after you see them again. There are many, many women for you to meet and we put no limit on how many Philippine women you can be introduced to. We call ourselves Pacific Adventure Tour for good reason! Most men do not have the gumption or motivation to take one of these tours, so don’t be one of them. These introduction dating tours do work! So if you are sincere for changing your situation, contact us….

What’s the Advantage in Taking One of These Tours?

  • The online chats and Email methods takes much more time to to get to know the person and its successful conclusion is rare.
  • One day of live face to face conversation equals one year of chatting believe it or not. There is just no comparison between these two methods.
  • You can not get a true idea of what the person is really like with emails, chats or phone conversations.
  • Meeting Philippine women via chat rooms or pen pal sites is setting yourself up for meeting undesirable types of Filipina women in which chat rooms and pen pal sites are full of.
  • Pen pal sites and chat rooms can not qualify the woman’s backgrounds as we do.
  • You will never be able to arrange and meet so many beautiful Filipino women when you come to the Philippines on your own.
  • We have professional introduction guides to make all your appointments and you can just sit back and meet Filipina girls, not arrange meetings.
  • You will be in a foreign country with no prior experience if you come by yourself. We will be at your disposal 24 hours a day.
  • You have immigration support and assistance. We will make sure you will have all papers and documentation needed for the both of you.
  • In the long run, you will save little or no money coming by yourself.
  • We have a very high success rate of over 90%. The very few that fail are the men who are not serious and will not make the proper amount of effort.
  • We check the backgrounds of our Filipina women members and do not solicit Philippine women to join our service. They are all referrals.
  • If a situation should develop that you did not expect and may not be able to handle, you have our staff that will attend to you.
  • Most of you will be in a strange country for the first time not knowing your way around and there is always the possibility of unforeseen situations.

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