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Meet & Date Filipino Women the easy way

Here at Pacific Adventure Tour we do not organize Filipino brides, mail order brides, nor are marriage brokers or an Asian bride service. Our service is open to men (no matter which country you are from) who want to travel on our introduction and dating tours. All our Filipino girls are 18 years of age or over. You will not find any nude photos of Philippine women on our site or any unflattering or disrespectful terms for women. They are decent, kind & respectful women who are seeking Western men. We do not solicit Filipino girls in any way, as they voluntarily join this service. We bring consenting adults together in order to meet and get to know each other.

We are a Professional Filipina Dating Service

Filipina GirlThis is a different kind of dating site and an alternative from the other online dating and Filipina brides websites out there. We take most of the risk out of looking for that special woman that you won’t find on other online sites. We know that the best way to meet Filipino women is face to face.

Here you can meet that special Filipino girl with a proven method that works without spending half your life searching the net! We introduce decent men to decent single, marriage minded Philippine Girls who are seeking good men. Men who are only looking for fun or sex tourism and women that are gold diggers are not allowed in this service. Only those looking for real relationships will be found here.

There are NO bar girls, or internet gold diggers here! We do not accept Filipino girls looking only for citizenship in Western countries. We do face to face personal introductions on our dating tours to ensure that we can vouch for all the women who join our service.

On this site you will learn the easiest and most effective way for you to meet single girls from the Philippines on our introduction dating tours. You meet them face to face so that you don’t spend countless hours in a sea of Filipino brides, marriage, dating and pen pal sites & penpal sites that most of the time leads to nothing.

Besides meeting some of the most beautiful women in Asia on our introduction dating tours, you will be able to experience great nightlife such as night clubs, discos and restaurants in Cebu City. Our staff will be glad to guide you to all these places for great evenings of excitement. There are also great sporting activities such as golfing, and other water sports or just take in the beach.

Most importantly, why would you want to fly all the way to the Philippines to meet just a few women you met online when you can meet many times more than you could ever arrange on your own!


What Should I Expect from this Philippine Dating Service?

 Most of you that landed here have probably experienced to some degree the other online marriage or Filipino dating sites with disappointing results. You scour the Internet trying to sort out the players and those girls just looking for the naive guys to send them money. Our service offers one on one, private and discreet introductions to as many attractive Filipino girls as you can reasonably handle on our Philippine dating tour. All the women you meet speak English so there is no need for interpreters. These Philippine women all have a preference to meet American, Australian, Canadian and European men. The method we use is simple, easy and most important of all, effective! One on one, face to face contact is the only way to get to know someone and not by chatting and web cams!

Some Philippine women prefer older and more mature men than men closer to their age. We are a no nonsense service and we do not partake in any type of immoral activity. This is a serious site for serious. We are a specialized service and have a select amount of women of high class.

We do not list hundreds of Filipino girls and we do not sell addresses. We are a service that does not have profit as our # 1 and only motivating factor to help you. We want to successfully bring people together as that makes our day! So, put aside your past disappointments that you may have experienced on other dating sites. Let us show you a different way to meet some sincere beautiful women from the Philippines. If you already have a women that you are planning to come to the Philippines to meet and date, do yourself a big favour and do not limit yourself and incur the expense to fly all the way there to meet just one or a few women that may not be quite what they presented themselves to be or what you expected. This is what is usually the case and then what do you do?

Let us introduce you to many, many more Philippine girls than you could never arrange on your own. Just ask yourself this question: what is the best way to get to know someone? By video chats or in person where you look right into their eyes? We do one on one personal introductions like no other service because we have been doing it longest. Please explore our site thoroughly with the links to the left so you really understand what we do and how it can change your future. This is the place where it can all come together for you & you won’t be disappointed…

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