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Filipina Dating 101

December 13, 2012 1 Comment

Dating a Filipina isn’t quite hard. Communication-wise, Filipinas can speak and understand English better compared to other Asian women. But of course, one has to understand the following things before considering going into a relationship with a Filipina:

Family Comes First

Filipinos have been brought up to have very strong family ties. So do not be surprised to see them living together under the same roof with her cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Although some couples live separately after marriage, visiting the family is something that they frequently do. For this very reason that the approval of the father of a girl when it comes to choosing someone is very important to them.

Education is a Vital Part of Their Life

No matter what status in society a Filipino family belongs it is highly emphasized since they were small how important education is in life. So it is highly possible that the woman you are interested in already has a bachelors degree or is probably in college right now trying to attain one. It is highly possible that when you come and meet her parents they will even inquire about your highest educational attainment.

Keep the Inter-Racial Jokes to Yourself

Probably a good sense of humor is something that would be on her list of things that she would like in a man. Well, just keep those inter-racial jokes to yourself if you still want to keep seeing her. It may be funny to you but I doubt if you would see anyone laughing once you throw one at her.

Keep an Open Mind in Trying New Things

Once you meet the family of the girl, her parents will try to offer you to try some of those Filipino food on the table. The best thing to do is to keep an open mind into trying some of it. Do not be too picky for sometimes it might offend her parents.

Filipino Time is Never on Time

When you asked her out she said yes. You have agreed on the time and place on where to meet. But when the day comes you arrived on time and it has been 15 minutes past the time agreed upon. Well, most Filipinos are not that clock-oriented and being 30 minutes late is still on time for them. This is not a sign that the girl is not interested in you it is just the way things are in the Philippines.

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