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Filipina Women


 Meet The Beautiful Filipina Women of Cebu!

14 Day Tour Package: 13 Nights  $1,490.00 USD

8 Day Tour Package: 7 Nights $990.00 USD

Here is some details of our service.

We will arrange your tour dates to correspond with your arrival and departure dates.
We will pick you up at the airport upon arrival and also bring you back for your return flight. All you have to do is advise us of your arrival time and departure time.
The following is included in the tour package price, basically all you have to do is arrange your flights then as soon as you arrive in cebu via Mactan Cebu International airport our tour guides will look after you 24/7.

To and from airport pick up
Modern hotel & private room with hot/cold water, air conditioning, cable TV, Wi-Fi, in room phone
Breakfast everyday included
Your own personal tour guide
Free cell phone usage with sim/ you only pay for your usage
No limit introductions
Visa and immigration assistance

The women you will meet with our service are genuine women looking for a lasting serious relationship are for the most part, well educated and have jobs. The success rate of finding a partner is about 95% in reality. The average man meets about 30 to 33 women on the tour of 14 days and 18 to 20 women on the 8 day tour. To meet more than that would never leave you enough time to spend extra time with the women you are most interested in. Also, by the time most men reach 15 women or so, they have already found the woman or women he is most interested in and wants to spend more time with them.
We do recommend that you make maximum use of your time by taking the 14-Day Package it is the most common package and it gives you ample time to meet many women, plus you will have more time to date the ones you like to get to know them better.

Depending on your time of arrival, you will be either contacted that evening or the very next morning by your very own personal Tour Guide. She will make sure everything is okay and arrange a time to meet you at your hotel to go over your schedule of events during your tour.
When she meets you, she will help you get acquainted with the area and our tour process, and discuss with you when you would like the introductions to start.

The introductions take place in a public, but private setting where you both will have the privacy to be properly introduced and be able to talk. There is no time limit so you can talk as long or as short as you want. Once you are done with the first girl, we will then keep introducing you to the lovely ladies until you tell us to stop. Hopefully by then you will have gone through the introductions and have come up with a solid list of women you are interested in.
Then by working off of your list, we would either reintroduce you to the girls you like or you could start dating some of the women on your own.

Upon booking a tour we would like you to please fill out the reservation form from our site. Please also send one or two photos of yourself as well as your preferences as to any attributes for the women you want to meet such as height, ages from youngest to oldest you want to meet and a short introduction describing yourself that we show our women members before you arrive as we don’t want to waste your time introducing you to women that you are not interested in and does not meet your preferences. At this stage you do not have to tell us your exact dates, just approximately when you would like to book.


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If you desire a more customized romance tour than the ones offered above, please let us know and we will accommodate you.
We can put together any tour package you want. If you want to avail yourself to any other activities, such as water sports, golf, beach outings, island hopping, please let us know and we will make the arrangements for you.


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