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About Us & What We Do on Our Philippine Dating Romance Tours

We have been operating Philippine dating tours since 1995 and I myself have been married to a wonderful Filipina women for many years. Originally when we first started this service it was mostly a hobby helping friends and acquaintances travel to the Philippines to meet the local women who were ether relatives, friends or friends of friends of my wife. A few years later we blossomed into a full service and went public mostly only advertising in men’s magazines and some other publications. When the cost of those publications became prohibitive we listed our service on the INTERNET. We have had and continue to have great satisfaction on the happiness we have given to our customers and friends in the Philippines. It will be a marvelous experience for you to meet such beautiful and friendly Filipina women on our romance tours. Most of you can not imagine what awaits you. The completely different attitudes of these Filipina women and they act like women and dress like women, will restore your faith.


We only operate in Cebu City because of the high English proficiency and this is the city and area where my wife is from. Also, as we mentioned on another part of this site, Cebu has the most beautiful Filipina women of any other area of the Philippines. It is also one of the, if not the safest city in the Philippines.


We are a discreet and very customized service. We do not take groups of men or have socials. We only operate on an individual basis with customers on our Philippine dating tours. We book only several men or less each month, because this is the only way we could give such personal attention to you and this is the way we like it. The amount of money we charge is very reasonable considering our costs and responsibilities to conduct this service. Considering, you are always under our care the entire time you are here. All we ask for you, is that your will be a gentlemen with the Filipina women you will be introduced to and treat them respectfully as they will treat you. Remember, you are free to email us and ask us of any concern or question you have. Please do not expect hundreds of Filipino women photos on our site as we are a specialized service for a limited amount of men and we could never vouch for the backgrounds of so many women as we do now.


Looking to meet someone using the Internet should not be considered unconventional, wrong or being hard – up, so to speak. Meeting compatible people with help from online based services can be much better than hitting the bars and clubs night after night. Internet based services such as ours has become one of he most effective means for men and women searching for a compatible partner.


If you should have any questions whether you have already found a Filipina women or have even used another service in the past and just need some advise we will gladly try to help you without any obligation to take one of our Philippine dating tours.


So please feel free to E-mail us.




Gavin & Ana

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