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7 Things You Need to Know About Filipina Women

November 24, 2012 0 Comments

Filipina women have this kind of mystique and disposition that attract a lot of foreigners. The beauty of women in the Philippines is recognized all over the world, but there’s just so much more to Filipinas than just their beauty. So to all those foreign hearts that are looking for romance in the Philippines, here are 7 things you ought to know about a Filipina:

#1: Meet the Parents

It is very hard to impress a Filipina, and in order to sweep her off her feet the first step is to build that relationship with her parents. Visiting her at her home and expressing your good intentions will be the crucial first step. Well this is the traditional way that Filipinos do it, but other Filipinas prefer to introduce you herself to her parents. Yes, it’s now the modern age but Filipinas still value this.

#2: Exclusively Date

When you are dating a Filipino woman don’t expect too much and don’t be too aggressive. Most importantly once you have made it known to her your intentions, then I highly advise that you focus on her alone. Dating other women might give her the impression that you could never be loyal to her.

#3: Traditions and Culture

If you are really serious about dating or marrying a Filipina, then immersing yourself in their traditions is very important. In this way you will know more how to please your partner (and not to mention her family).

#4: Being a Gentleman

Women in the Philippines adore men who have good manners and know how to treat their woman well. This is a sure plus if you want to sweep her off her feet.

#5: Family

The Filipinos are very particular about their family so spending some time with her family will show you what kind of environment she grew up. Plus Filipino families are tightly knitted with each other.

#6: Hopeless Romantic

Believe it or not women, in the Philippines love it if you have this romantic touch with her. They might admit it or not but nothing beats romantic surprises and this classic approach always delivers positive results.

#7: Honesty and Loyalty

Filipinas value so highly honesty and loyalty in a man. Women always want to be the apple of the eye of their man. If you want to move deeper into your relationship with a Filipino woman then hold your ground and resist infidelity. This is one of the keys to any successful relationship.

These are just 7 things that you ought to know about Filipina women just in case you’d want to date one. With all of these, you’re chances of winning her heart is way bigger.

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