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7 Myths About Dating Tours

January 4, 2013 0 Comments

For people who are unlucky in love in their hometown, their only hope lies in the fact that they have to go somewhere else to find the love of their life. If nobody likes them in their hometown, then there is a big possibility that other places may have people that will like them for who they are. This is the main reason why dating tours is slowly becoming popular in many places. Dating tours are great because people can have a great time visiting a new place and they also get to meet potential dating partners while on the trip.

However, dating tours are full of myths that can turn off even the most desperate man. In order to avoid this situation, here are some 7 myths about dating tours that all potentially interested customers should know about.

  1. People are guaranteed to find the love of their life – many people are interested to go on a dating tour expecting that they will find the love of their life in one. This is just a romantic yet unrealistic notion. Dating tours are hit or miss. One may find the love of their life but there is also a very big possibility that they do not.
  2. It is not a business arrangement – dating tours are clearly a business arrangement. Most of the time, dating tours are organized between men from first world and rich countries and women from poor countries. Women want to bag a rich husband and men want to find a beautiful wife that will follow everything that they say. To say that it is not a business arrangement is just plain lying.
  3. Ordinary people become rockstars in different places – there are places where being a citizen of a particular country makes a person super popular with the ladies. However this is not a guarantee that all that come from a special country like the states are guaranteed to be treated like rockstars in another country.
  4. Money is not important – since dating tours are basically a business negotiation, it is a childish thought to maintain that money is no object. Money is definitely the biggest factor in a dating tour. A man may be the most ugly and unattractive person in the tour group but he will be the most popular in terms of potential dating partners if he advertises his substantial wealth.
  5. It is a profound experience – there are times when love happens during a dating tour but there is no guarantee that everyone who goes in one will have a profound experience. It is still hit or miss.
  6. Happiness guaranteed – this is another hit or miss. People may find someone who will make them happy or they won’t.
  7. Immigration is not a problem – US Immigration frowns on arranged marriages from a foreign national without proving that true love exists. Getting married for immigration purposes may not work. Immigration may definitely be a problem.

By familiarizing these seven myths, people who are interested in Dating Tours are in a better position to understand what exactly are they getting themselves into. Obviously, it is a much better way to meet new people and find love rather than online dating since you can really meet and be with the person for some time.

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